Huiyao Pinshang Energy Technology
HYPS Energy Technology is a technology innovation enterprise focused on the research and development, design, manufacturing, promotion and application of cable structure system for photovoltaic plant, as well as intelligent operation and maintenance services for PV power stations. The company is a pioneer in the field of cable-stayed flexible PV supports and an expert in the application of leading technologies for flexible PV supports. After years of research and development, application, and technological iteration, it has obtained multiple patents related to flexible PV supports. By leverag￾ing system advantages, it greatly enhances the space utilization efficiency of application scenarios. It provides effective solutions to key issues such as the rigidity of the support structure, hidden cracks caused by wind vibration, component safety, adaptability, economic efficiency, and feasibility. The company is a comprehensive solution provider for the application of flexible support technology in various scenarios such as mountainous areas, aquaculture, desert reclamation, agriculture, and commercial and industrial distributed generation. HYPS Energy Technology is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the photovoltaic industry. As a pioneer in the field, we continuously participate in the drafting and establishment of national and industry standards, and engage in technical exchanges and knowledge sharing with major design institutes and power generation groups. We are constantly expanding the application scenarios of flexible supports and enhancing the performance indicators of our products, committed to building a healthy ecosystem for flexible supports through a product-plus-service model. Currently, it is the supplier with the largest number of mountainous PV projects under construction and the highest capacity of flexible PV support systems in China.
Committed to becoming the leader in cable structure flexible photovoltaic support systems
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