Technology Introduction
Based on advanced micro-sensor units for collecting multi-source data, integrating AI and big data analysis technologies. Achieve panoramic state perception, defect identification, and fault diagnosis of photovoltaic power station systems. By combining online monitoring, online monitoring, and precise offline defect location inspections, provide one-stop intelligent operation and maintenance services. Ensure the safety of the power station structure and the efficiency of power generation.
Utilizing drones and cable-structured motion machines equipped with dual-light cameras for on-site inspections, we collect massive amounts of multi-source (visible light/infrared) image data. By integrating AI technology for analysis, we can accurately determine the types of faults (component hot spots and hidden crack conditions) and their impact on power station generation efficiency (cable structure appearance and photovoltaic component defects), providing auxiliary decision-making for power station operation and maintenance.
By regularly observing and collecting data on the displacement of the support structure and environmental subsidence through a total station, we can obtain important trends in changes such as the end supports of the photovoltaic power station. This allows for predictions to be made, ensuring the normal operation of the photovoltaic power station. Intelligent cleaning robots automatically complete the cleaning of photovoltaic components while also performing monitoring; maintaining and improving the generation efficiency of photovoltaic components and extending their life cycle.